Restaurant weeks, the gastronomic event which saw Provolone Valpadana PDO as the protagonist of menus throughout Australia, once again confirms itself as a sure thing this year.
Over 98.000 contacts have been reached: the PDO cheese, famous for its eclecticism and its mild and strong variations, has met with the appreciation of enthusiastic connoisseurs of good food but also the curiosity and interest of new taste explorers, looking for new pairings and gourmet dishes.
124 restaurants reached in four weeks, along an itinerary that crossed every part of Australia: Provolone Valpadana PDO was the ingredient of excellence in the most varied and original recipes. The chefs played with creativity, their own style – from typical street food to fine dining cuisine – and with the lively character of the cheese to create appetizers, first courses, second courses but also desserts.
“It is the demonstration of how much Australia, a country that increasingly recognizes the qualitative depth of our cheese, knows how to transform the mild and strong “texture” of Provolone Valpadana PDO into gourmet proposals that touch the most diverse palates – both those who prefer rustic and simple flavours, as well as those that seek bolder and more sophisticated interpretations”, comments Giovanni Guarneri, President of the Protection Consortium. Satisfied with the success of the initiative, he adds: “This year our Restaurant Weeks also concluded with a positive outcome not only in terms of contacts registered, but above all in terms of interest generated around the product which, thanks to its versatility, becomes the catalyst in a multitude of recipes. In four weeks we set up a virtuous and wide-ranging circuit that allowed us to fully exploit the characteristics of our PDO dairy excellence. The initiative also made it possible to strengthen the ties between the Consortium and important cuisine brands, as well as to develop new commercial relationships, won over by the authentic quality and tradition of this product which, every year, meets with growing favour from Australians”.