The true seduction

The most recent communication strategy for Provolone Valpadana P.D.O. focused on the dualism between the two types, mild and strong, and on the clear identification of the different uses to which it is put. In fact, it is extremely important to offer the consumer those elements of use that can favour a more precise use, also to guarantee a pondered appreciation. So, if mild is “the ingredient that seduces the palate”, consumption of the strong type identifies “a moment of true flavour”.

In addition to this aspect, which qualifies and underlines its characteristics, Provolone Valpadana becomes a symbol and ambassador for the high quality guaranteed by a brand that expresses the highest European value, the Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.). The consumers, therefore, will find themselves buying at the point of sale not only a product that is the expression of a territory and a centuries-old tradition, but also one that offers all the guarantees that can reassure them and protect them from unpleasant surprises.