The mild Provolone Valpadana is one of the two variants of this Italian cheese, a European excellence. It is recognizable through the use of veal rennet (even though a percentage of lamb and/or goat is allowed) and a short ageing, which does not exceed 2-3 months.

How it is made

The curd is placed on special tables to reach the right stretching PH, followed by the hardening and salting phases. At the end of the brine period, the binding is done, a tradition with very ancient origins. For the mild variant of Provolone Valpadana, the duration is never less than 10 days and can be extended up to 60/90 days.

How to recognize it

The mild Provolone Valpadana has a hard and thin straw-coloured rind. On the other hand, inside it will be a lighter colour and more compact. The mild version tends to be found in smaller shapes such as an amphora, salami or flask. The taste is delicate and balanced.

How it is used

The ‘mild’ type is extremely versatile, perfect for melting, it easily adapts to different types of preparation, both as a base and as a condiment. A ‘main’ ingredient in Italian recipes, it also lends itself magnificently to be interpreted by other culinary traditions like fusion cuisine.