For 4 people – Difficulty: low – 45minutes


400 g chicken chest

1 head of lettuce

4 slices of toasted bread

3 beefsteak tomatoes

1 red onion

200 g Provolone Valpadana cheese PDO strong

breadcrumbs to taste

extra virgin olive oil q.b.

salt to taste

pepper to taste

For the Cesar sauce

n.1 egg

150 ml extra virgin olive oil

40 g of finely grated Provolone Valpadana cheese PDO strong

salt to taste

pepper to taste

lemon juice to taste

Worcestershire sauce to taste

vinegar to taste

mustard to taste



Wash and dry the lettuce.

Cut the bread into cubes and toast it with a little oil in a preheated oven at 200° for 6/7 min.

Cut the chicken breast into strips, coat it in breadcrumbs and then place it in a hot non-stick frying pan with a little oil.

Cook it over a high flame for about 10 minutes, turning it so that it does not burn.

Cut the tomatoes into large wedges and the onion into julienne strips.

For the sauce: in the glass of the food processor, pour the egg yolk, crank and drizzle in the extra virgin olive oil. Once the sauce has solidified, add all the other ingredients as desired.

Add the chicken, tomatoes, bread croutons, onion and slivers of strong Provolone Valpadana PDO to the salad.

Add the Cesar sauce on top.